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Calming the Monster
April 6, 2008, 4:56 pm
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It’s a nice feeling, knowing one’s almost done. A week ago I blogged about the anxiety I felt about my major digital project. I was happy with how it was going, but it felt like I was having trouble controlling it. I had many ideas, but nothing seemed structured. Well, one week later, I feel great. The project is on the verge of being done. My collaboration with my colleague has gone well. Though there are a couple of instructional points to be added, the bulk of the unit is ready to go. It looks organized, and easy to navigate. This once reckless monster has been tamed into a friendly opportunity for students to learn. In the next couple of weeks we will be moving into the implementation stage, and getting students to use the project. My colleague is quite excited. She is happy with how the unit has turned out, and is looking forward to this new way of completing the unit with her students. I will play the role of helpdesk. Helping with issues, questions, and working along side students as they run into difficulties. Also, the two of us will see how students use the site and what ways we can imporve or change it for the better. Possibly even looking to add or remove segments.

I am feeling good about what I have done. I have learned so much. I know there is more I can do and I look forward to that opportunity as this digit unit I have created grows.

You can check it out at It feels good to have created something of value, and to help out a colleague in the process. If anyone has suggestions to add to or improve the unit, your suggestions are welcome.

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Looks good Todd. I would be interested to hear how the project goes. This might be something that our VA 30 teacher would like to do as well.

Comment by Mathman33

You have done a tremendous amount of work on this project. Good job and good luck with it. I’m betting your students will love it.

Comment by Laurie

Your wiki looks great – I passed it on to a friend that works in arts ed and is excited about trying to incorporate technology. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Connie Cossar

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