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The 3-Headed Monster – My Digital Project
March 30, 2008, 2:59 pm
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Well the time has come to open up my site for my major digital project. It is taking shape, but has yet to be finished. It is for this reason that I have dubbed it my 3-headed monster.

I started out with the idea that I could develop a wiki and make a unit for a colleague in her Visual Arts 30 class. Now, I’m not saying the idea wasn’t good, just that it was much more massive than I anticipated. First there was the discussions as to what would be put on the site. From the list of ideas my colleague and I came up with, we started gathering information and forming the work for the assignments. There were many things that had to be transformed from paper to digital. It was in this area that I had trouble keeping control of what could be done. There are lots of good ideas, but it had to be kept under control. Hence the monster association. I’m sure as the unit is used and ideas are tried, things can be added. For now I have finally learned that I can’t do everything and that time is not on my side.

The development of the wiki and how everything would be added came to be the next challenge. Making it look, feel, and act how I wanted to was not always easy. I was limited in my abilities (or lack of html abilities to be more accurate) to do everything I wanted. Eventually, I had to settle on the set up as I found I could fiddle myself to death! It is amazing how much time can be spent on fussing over little things.

One other obstacle that I hadn’t counted on was the difficulty of collaborating. Organzing ones own time is often a challenge. Organizing time of two busy teachers is another. Though we managed to find time, more could have been used. Throw in this Easter break, and it was tougher to keep things moving. We’ll find enough time for the home stretch, but it may require some late nights for me. For now the main foundation is laid. Now I have to get the rest of the building organized into a well-rounded project.

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Todd, I enjoyed ‘surfing’ around your digital project. I completely understand how you can be overwhelmed with the little things (wanting the features / looks of your page to be ‘perfect’) and end up feeling a bit like you settled for what the page gives you. I experienced the same thing with my Moodle page. I am sure it has much more to offer, but with a sense of ‘time restraints’ and my limited knowledge, I am also doing what I can. I look forward to seeing your continued progress.

Comment by Travis Kelln

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What an amazing resource. I’d like to use it as a model for an art project for my middle years students. I hope you share this with other high school art teachers.

Comment by Kimberly Brown

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