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Parents Need to Know
March 22, 2008, 3:38 am
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I sat down this morning to read the Leader Post when I came across a headline that caught my eye – Parents Need to be Web-Saavy. How appropriate based on our recent discussions about cyber-stalkers and web safety.

The story talks about a 14 girl who left home with a personal she met online. The key to the article is that parent’s need to know what their children are doing online. Though the argument is made that they (parents) don’t know much about the internet, the article states that parents need to learn about it to the best of their abilities. Courses are offered or even just get their kids to teach them.

All of this reinforces my personal belief that education is the key. Ignorance is not an excuse. It is so easy to say “I don’t know how to”, but it is not acceptable. Parents need to learn as much as they can and take an active interest in what theie children are doing online. This is the best way to keep their chidlren safe. This cannot be stressed enough.

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That article also caught my eye. I agree that parents need to take an interest in what their children are doing online. I have two teenage boys and when I ask to see my eldest’s Facebook account and texting on his cell phone, he states that I am invading his privacy. He’s angry for awhile but he gets over it. I guess that’s the price we pay to ensure that our children are safe.

As a teacher we also need to get this message out. I constantly remind students who are blogging not to put any personal information on the blog and if they do I remove it and then explain why to the student. I agree with you that education is the key!

Comment by Rosanne

Good points, Todd. I’ve marked this post to display on the Parent 2.0 wiki.

Comment by rdrunner

I read two articles on internet safety in the star phoenix a few days ago. On on the article above, and another on the police stepping up efforts in child pornography.
Has anyone ever read a positive story in the newspaper on children in relation to the internet?
Remember, what sells papers??????

Comment by Shaun Loeppky

Todd, maybe presentations to parents done through our School Community Councils could be a start to address this issue.

Comment by marlene gillanders

Marlene. I agree. I have actually suggested that topic for our SCC to consider. I’m not sure if it is something they will do as they seem unsure what to do as a group. We are giving them ideas, but our SCC seems to be wanting us to do it for them. I do agree that this is exactly the kind of thing SCC’s around Saskatchewan should be looking at it. It supports their role new role well. Have you suggested it with yours?

Comment by Todd Volk

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