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Second Life
March 17, 2008, 7:21 pm
Filed under: ECI 831

Second Life was a new experience for me. Though I had heard of these “virtual worlds”, I have never experienced them. I must admit from the brief experience I have had, I think the learning curve might be a little high (especially for us digital immigrants). I’m sure the younger generation a lot of this environment is second nature. I found the experience a little frustrating. It was hard to move around, and I kept bumping into Alec (sorry about that!). I had a sense that our guide, Kirk, was experiencing some frustration himself. It was such a large group and things were not going smoothly. Eventually, after more than an hour of really getting nowhere, I had to leave. I never really did get the tour. I’m not blaming Kirk as I’m sure it was tough on him having so many newbies at once. I still plan on trying to experiment with the things that Second Life can offer. I like technology and enjoy learning new things offered. I just wonder if an experience like that will turn others off. We all know that when technology doesn’t work just right that it is all the excuse the dissenters need to put down technology and turn others off. Maybe the next experience will be better.

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