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Dangerous, a Target, or Misunderstanding? Shutting Down Al.
March 17, 2008, 10:23 am
Filed under: ECI 831

What is with our society? It seems like every time something comes up that someone doesn’t understand, they go on a crusade to have it eliminated. Our recent example is the closure of Al Upton’s blog. Thanks to our classmates, we have been kept informed and up to date on this situation. Yet, here we are again, in an instance of panic and ignorance. A lack of education and understanding creates yet another barrier in learning. I understanad that there are concerns about cyberstalking and predators, but as we have discussed this may not be as prevalent a problem as is proclaimed. The need for education of those who engage in risky online behaviour is more important than the time that is being invested in shutting down educationally valuable sites such as Al’s. It seems targeting this site is targeting the wrong age group. I don’t believe these students are at risk. I’m sure Al has even gone as far as teaching them about online safety. How do we get people to understand what is really being accomplished here? I somehow believe that until we move into an age where the majority of users are digital natives, this issue will linger. Education is the key, and it is up to us as educators to spread the word so that one day we all will be digital natives.

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