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A New Type Of Encounter Turns Into Collaboration
March 3, 2008, 3:14 am
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My wife was working on report cards on my laptop when she announced that this thing popped up and the computer was “ringing”. Because I have Skype set to sign me in automatically, I discovered that fellow classmate Dave Bircher was “calling”. Dave used to teach in my area, and I have known him for some time. Not wanting to interrupt my wife, I quickly answered Dave through the chat area and we set up a time to visit through Skype.

Later that after noon I began my first internet phone call. I must say I found it neat that I could talk to someone through the computer, just like a phone. Dave and I chatted, catching up on things then our conversation led to our current class. He had a question about configuring his blog. I logged into my blog, he into his, and presto we were working together to come up with a solution. It took no time at all, and we turned to some questions I had. Soon we came to the conclusion we weren’t going to get any reading done if we kept talking, so we said our goodbyes.

It was an interesting way to get kick-started working on a quiet, yet incredibly windy Sunday. Dave and I agreed to “chat” again. It was a small collaboration, but it was a beginning of something I’d never done before. Maybe we’ll find something else to collaborate on. Maybe we’ll just visit. Ain’t technology grand. I can’t wait to get others onto this!

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Skype is great, isn’t it? My wife and I recently showed off our new baby daughter to my grandparents (80-ish years old) on Skype (with video chat). What a great way to keep in touch with people that live at a distance.

Comment by danschellenberg

I follow Alec Courosa on Twitter and he pointed to this blog entry. I had the opportunity to talk via Skype three times over the last six months or so. I am blown away by being able to talk to people around the world for the price of my computer and Internet connection. It is a wonderful world!

Comment by Ann Oro

Skype is so awesome Todd. I chat with friends around the world for free. Who needs SaskTel anymore 😉

But seriously the possibilities this tool provides are fascinating. I have seen students in Moose Jaw Skype with students in Nevada. They could ask each other questions and learn together.

Glad you put another tool in your belt. Skype me anytime.

Comment by Kyle Lichtenwald

Skype is great. I even have a Skype phone. I can use it just like a regular Sasktel phone, or I can use it to Skype with.

Comment by DeanLoberg

Wow I had no idea that Skype was that powerful a tool. I suppose I could use this to chat with my sister who lives in San Diego instead of using a land line. Thanks for the info.

Comment by Rosanne

I’m busy using Skype to plan a Christmas vacation with my dear friend in northern Manitoba. We haven’t seen each other for a couple of years. It was great to chat live and have some good laughs together.

Comment by Laurie

I tried Skype last year with my brother in law. His wife hated it because she thought we could hear her yelling at her kids, which was quite alot. (pre headset) I found it quite hilarious.
My child use MSN something or other to talk to his cousin. He set it up himself. I was impressed.

Comment by Shaun Loeppky

The power of Skype and networking. Imagine trying to do that five years ago? If possible it would have been extremely cumbersome.

Comment by Dean Miezianko

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